Partial Verdict List

A janitor was assaulted by his employer at his place of employment. The Insurance company offered $16,500 on the day of trial. The jury awarded $1,000,000.

A car mechanic had an aggravation to a disc in his neck when involved in a rear end automobile accident. The Insurance company offered $2500 to settle the case. The jury awarded nearly $400,000.

A woman slipped on a wet floor fracturing her ankle while employed at a Shopping Mall. The woman sued the janitorial company that had been contracted to clean the floor. The janitorial company complained that the accident was the woman's own fault. The jury awarded $200,000

Right Align A salesman stopped his car at a red light in Berkeley. He was struck from the rear by a government owned vehicle. He sustained an aggravation to a disc in his neck. The insurance company offered $ 10,000 to settle the case. The jury verdict was $ 200,000.